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Weight Loss

Hypnosis is a safe and healthy way to lose weight for both men and women. Hypnotherapy has the added bonus of a calming and relaxing approach to a problem affecting well over half the population of the UK.

Being overweight is not just about eating too much, but behind the desire to eat uncontrollably sometimes lie deep rooted emotional explanations as to why people eat to excess. Hypnotherapy used to unblock these emotions is the accompanying support taken to clear the way for a change in life style and success in long term weight loss.

The dieting industry does not deal with the whys, and it is for this reason that diets and unsupported weight loss programmes rarely work in the long term. Anyone who has been on a diet will probably confirm that a return to normal eating habits result in the return of those excess pounds. It is those 'normal' eating habits that are the cause of those excess pounds in the first place.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Southend helps to get to the bottom of those underlying issues, and in most cases this is the start of a new and satisfying life change, resulting in the body shape and size that fits the individual. An individual weight loss programme that succeeds on taking control of eating habits, leading to a more healthy mind and body, the benefits of which are life changing.

Hypnotherapy Southend is also available for those who have lost weight through other means and who would like help to maintain that weight loss for the long term by reprogramming their past eating habits which led to the weight gain in the first place.

If you are an emotional eater or just looking for a new way to lose weight, try some self-help. Keep a food and mood diary. Every morsel of food and every drop of liquid that passes your lips on a daily basis should be noted. Enter a time and how you are feeling as you decide to eat or drink something. At the end of the week examine this diary and if you have been honest about your entries the answer will be there. This is the first task I set my clients who come to see me to lose weight. The diary is inevitably very revealing.

The latest stastics for Southend estimate that the Southend area is above average in the UK for obesity related forms of diabetes and the forecast is not good for the Southend population if this trend continues to rise.

Gastric Band Surgery is being used more and more as an answer to morbid obesity. The problems associated with this surgery are many and are listed on my Virtual Gastric Band page.

There are no such problems with the Virtual Gastric Band which is statistically more effective and is available at Hypnotherapy Southend.

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