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Stress and Stress Relief

A little stress (stimulation) is good for us and helps us to perform efficiently and meet challenges.

Have you ever overslept on a workday, or a day when an early appointment needed to be kept? You wake with a start .... then disbelief at the time ....... heart palpations begin ...... pounding head sets in. To your surprise you are out of that bed and the early morning routine is completed, in record time! This is stress working for you.

Now you get in the car, or you are sitting in the bus, and suddenly the traffic comes to a standstill. Time starts to move on but the traffic doesn't. The palpations start again, anger and frustration start to rise as does your blood pressure but all to no avail, because no matter how frustrated or angry you get the traffic is going nowhere. This is stress working against you, and if you continue to rage your health may suffer and you will certainly arrive at work in a bad mood and your work performance will suffer.

Consider this. You have left home, you are en route. You have done all you can. The volume of traffic is out of your control. There is not a thing you can do about it, all the raging and thumping of the steering wheel will not get the traffic moving. Use this time. This time is invaluable for health of mind and body.

Make the most of it. Breathe and relax, because once you get to work the opportunity will have passed.

This simple strategy can be applied to most areas in our lives where things get on top of us. One of the most commonly used terms by my clients who come to see me for advice on anxiety and stress is that they have no time for themselves.

What we lack today is the ability to embrace silence. Silence is good for the mind.

Give it a try. Just ten minutes a day, no music, no TV. No disturbances. Use your favourite chair and get into a comfortable position. Breathe in gently through your nose and out through your mouth a couple of times. Smile, this relaxes the face. Now just continue to breathe gently and normally. It may take a few times to wind down but it works and you will be very surprised at the benefits it will bring.

Clients in demanding careers and those additionally trying to juggle a balanced family and working life on initial consultation describe this inability to relax and wind down. After a few relaxation sessions with me they leave armed with the ability to use simple breathing excercises enabling them to manage those moments when they feel most overwhelmed .

Nowhere to escape to?......there is always Toilet Therapy...we all have to go and it’s the place where we can shut the door and have a few uninterrupted moments to ourselves. Use this time to do breathing exercises, you don't have to be stressed to relax.

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Stress Relief Anxiety Cure Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist Southend

Stress Relief Anxiety Cure Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist Southend