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Phobias can be debilitating and restrictive to others who are observers these fears can seem ludicrous and to the less understanding humorous. However for those who suffer from fears or phobias their lives can be affected in ways that no one else understands. So how do these fears and phobias originate. For some reactions are learned behaviour, usually from a very early age when we are absorbing all around us and that is before the age of seven. For others they are unable to explain their reactions to the things in life that paralyse them with fear.The most common fears affecting peoples lives are spiders or all things creepy crawlie, public speaking, dogs , feet, syringes, confined spaces, flying.

Recent events may have provided good grounds for developing doubt when it comes to boarding an aircraft, but where prior to this, the very idea of flying for some causes apoplexy. The fact that millions of people fly to different destinations every year is no comfort. Could it be because of a lack of control, once those doors are shut you are stuck ... no escape ........ but what if your thoughts were redirected ..... concentrated on your destination, sun, sea, relaxation, partying or finally seeing those friends and relatives who have been out of reach for so long. We can recondition and prioritise our thoughts allowing us to achieve previously unattainable goals. Where there is no logical explanation for the degree of such fears ... talking about them will not cure them.

One of the most effective methods of dealing with fear and phobias is NLP. Changing our thought process is the most successful way of getting to grips with those illogical and overwhelming barriers to sometimes simple things that cause us great distress. Public speaking for example for many can be a vital part of progress on a career ladder. Some people are born orators it would seem, but even public figures like prime ministers need a little help to improve their style.

So what do you do if the very idea of speaking to more than a few people terrifies the life out you yet that next step up the ladder requires you to do group presentations. Even job interviews have a panel. If this is a job you really want the pressure alone can cause even the most articulate individual to babble uncontrollably. No matter how well you know your subject no amount of preparation will help when that fear grips you into paralysis. Promotion prospects are put on hold, confidence takes a nose dive.

All is not lost. Both hypnotherapy and NLP are effective and successful means of helping overcome this barrier to progress.

Deal with it....the NLP way.

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Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist Southend

Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist Southend

Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist Southend