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The Facts about Gastric Bands

Scientists predict that by 2030 1.1 billion people globally will suffer from diabetes. Doctors pull no punches when they lay the blame squarely at the door of obesity.

Gastric band and gastric bypass surgery is being used more and more to battle the effects of obesity. This is an expensive weight loss process and as with other types of surgery is loaded with risks.

The major risks include infection, blood clots, internal bleeding and in one in 50 people, band slippage requiring further hospitalisation.

Add to that recovery time and other surgery related problems, going through this whole process is a major decision.

There are no such problems with the Virtual Gastric Band.

The Virtual Gastric Band has a high success rate and this could be to do with the emotional fetters which are unlocked in the process.

The surgical option simply addresses the problem anatomically whereas the Virtual Gastric Band harnesses the physiology of the body but also works on the emotional factors at the most fundamental level.

Determining the reason why people over eat contributes to the success of the therapy, and long term weight loss. The Virtual Gastric Band simply changes eating habits, resulting in an altered attitude to food and nutrition.

The Virtual Gastric Band Process begins prior to the first consultation by the completion of one week’s food diary, and is followed by a further appointment prior to the 'fitting' of the Virtual Gastric Band on the third appointment. Further appointments will be available as necessary.

Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Southend

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Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Southend